10 New Shows, Movies & Docu-Series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5 & Disney + Hotstar to Stream This Week


Netflix, along with other major players, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, ALTBalaji and Disney + Hotstar, India’s growing OTT landscape, hosted a new film and TV show drop this week. These drops include the release of the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix, along with a generous behind-the-scenes telecast to the six couples for the season premiere of Jeevan’s ‘Desi’ Weddings and Live at The Big Day, a Tamil horror series, directed by Venkat Prabhu, based on Disney + Starstar VIP by Kajal Aggarwal. Check out the full list of new shows, movies, and initiation series on Netflix and other OTT platforms that you can’t skip down this week.

10 new shows, movies and the-series this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ALTBalaji, ZEE5 and Disney + Hotstar

1. Brokely Nine-Nine (S7) – NETFLIX

Six seasons already Brooklyn Nine-Nine The fictional 99th district of Brooklyn follows the immature antics of the amazingly talented cop, Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg). Workplace comedy highlights his business, his relationships with colleagues, hard-to-find boss, Captain Holt (played by Andre Breger) His best friend Charles Boyle (played by Joe Lou Truglio) and his love of life Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero). In the upcoming season we’ll see Holt in his new, downgraded job profile; Lieutenant Jeffords as the new captain (played by Terry Crew) and a new addition to the Peralta-Santiago team! Release Date: 10 February

2. Great Day – NETFLIX

Forget the vivid, imaginative rom-coms of Valentine’s Day and include this six-part series on dance, drama, food … and drama-rich Netflix. The Big Day Collection 1 Is an Indian reality series that delves deeply into the science behind hosting a lavish wedding party, featuring real-time interviews with the bride, groom, their friends, and families, with the splendor of a palace as their own Help to enhance the moment. Release Date: 14 February

3. Mudina Nidana – Netflix

Mundina Nildana, Released in 2019, is a Kannada film that focuses on the joint yet individualistic journeys of three youths whose paths collide and push them in the same direction. Release Date: 12 February

4. For All Boys: Forever and Forever – NETFLIX

We have reached the end of the high school romance of Lara Jean Cowe and Peter Kavinsky To all the boys: always and forever This is the third and final installment To all the boys Trilogy of films. Some life-changing journeys will inspire Lara to re-imagine her life after graduation with her family, friends, and Peter. Release Date: 12 February

5. Square Love – Netflix

Square love One is a very famous romcom. It follows the dual life of Monica, a schoolgirl who is also a very successful model, Claudia. She befriends Enzo, a female consultant and journalist. Both of his personalities have started connecting with him. off course not And chaos. Release Date: 11 February

6. CRASHH – ALTBalaji

This original series tells the story of four siblings who separated at a very young age after their parents died in a horrific accident. The four are constantly looking for each other, but circumstances pitted them against each other in this drama. The show will also be available to stream on Zee5. Release Date: 14 February

7. The Power – SEA5

Vidyut Jamwal and Shruti Haasan are the main Power, An action-drama film written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. It depicts actors as lovers and pawns of two warring families, determined to destroy each other. Release Date: 11 February

8. Life in a Year – Amazing Time Videos

A young couple, Darren (played by Jayden Smith) and Isabel (played by Carla Delevingne), are struck by tragedy when they discover that the latter has only a year left to live. But as they come to terms with their problems, Darren, who is only 17, decides to give Isabel a full life when they are together. Release Date: 14 February

९. Short Display Wires – Amazing Time Videos

The science fiction rom-com follows the story of two teenagers, trapped in an endless loop, falling in love with each other. Bright teen Mark (played by Kyle Allen) lives in an endless loop at the same time every day when his world is reversed by the mysterious Margaret (played by Catherine Newton), who is also trapped in the same loop. A love story as the two struggle with a spectacular twist to find out how and if they can survive their endless day. Release Date: 12 February


This Tamil horror series surrounds a TV crew trapped in a house controlled by supernatural powers. Jenny, played by Kajal Aggarwal, is ambitious to catch the ghost on live television, including the crew. Tensions increase as the crew gets closer to catching the ghosts on TV, but also lengthen their lives. Release Date: 12 February

10 upcoming new shows, movies and the-series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ALTBalaji, ZEE5 and Disney + Hotstar to stream this week